Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunset Beach & Divine Appointments

Since I grew up in Southern California, I tried to learn to surf once. I nearly drowned myself, so that quickly came to an end. It worked out alright, though, as I don't really like being cold and wet. I do, however, like to read and pray, and LOVE spending time in nature As a result, I decided that the better choice for me was to sit on the rock jeddy at Sunset beach, WATCH the surfers, and do what I preferred. I did this often on Sunday mornings before church, and ended up meeting many interesting people.

One Sunday I had just gotten back from Italy, and ended up meeting an Italian man who ended up following me to church and enjoying a service. Another time I had just gotten back from the Philippines and met a Philipino girl who allowed me to pray for her. I loved the "coincidences" that led to great conversations and opened the doors to conversate about spiritual things. Divine appointments are one of my favorite things to pray for, and then continue with my life and watch as the Lord works out His creative plans.

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