Friday, June 4, 2010

Pregnant With Possibilities

Thanksgiving 2008, Jason & I drove to Missouri. On our way there we listened to a message by Skip Heitzig on the book of Genesis. At one point he referenced Sarah, and the promise she received that she would be with child one year from that date. As I heard it, I sensed the Spirit whisper to my spirit that I too would be pregnant one year from that date. At first I was excited, then I realized that this wouldn't fit very well into our get-out-of-debt/then-start-a-family plan, and suggested to the Lord that His timing might not be right on this one! Haha... don't we always know so much better than He does?! Or not.

Throughout the next year, this thought came back to my mind. I contemplated pregnancy and the bigger picture of our lives. I still wasn't sure I wanted this so soon, but knew it would really be a blessing whenever it came, and that the Lord had the biggest picture in mind. Then, right around 4th of July, I sensed the Spirit speak again that at this same time the next year we would have a baby. The timing seemed to line up with a November pregnancy, so I continued to ponder.

Thanksgiving 2009 we found ourselves driving to Missouri again. The day before we left we signed up for advertizing with The Knot Wedding Websites for our Catering company. It was a big move, and I felt the Lord speak to my spirit that we were pregnant with possibilities! I considered the timing, and realized it was one year from the date that He told me we'd be pregnant. Normally this type of interpretation would feel like a cop out to me, but since it came directly from the Lord, I thought I might take it!

As the early months of 2010 progressed, we began to realize that our move to Missouri was imminent. A day or two before the idea came up, I saw a notice on our kitchen table from our apartment complex indicating that our lease was up at the end of June. As plans took shape, we realized we would be getting to Missouri for Jason to start his career as an Executive Chef right around the 4th of July! We even tried to move up our date, and just didn't feel a peace.

In November we were pregnant with career possibilities, and in July we will be giving birth to his full-fledged cooking career! AND, in the process, we will be enhancing our ability to get out of debt, not diminishing it!!! The Lord is so good, and so creative in His communication! And Lord willing, babies will start coming around 2012!

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but the counsel of the Lord, it will stand."

- Proverbs

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