Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Move to Texas

It was Christmas 2005 that some very good friends of mine left Malibu to move to Texas. And when they did, I felt the Lord speak to my heart and say, "You will be together again." I had no idea how quickly that would be!

It was that same Christmas that I felt the Lord wooing me for the first time to a 40 day liquid fast. I had thought about the idea before, but to be honest, it scared me to death. This time, when the Lord brought it up, it was actually encouraging and exciting. He posed it to me this way: "Remember that 40 day fast we've talked about before? What do you think about now? You don't have to, but if you want to, I can speed some things up in your life for you." On the back of that word, I actually found myself eagerly anticipating going without solid food for 40 days! Crazy! :)

I started January 1, and on January 31st, Jil, my friend who had move to Texas (pictured above) called to let me know that they didn't have a Jr. High youth pastor there, and maybe I should consider coming. My heart immediately said yes, and I began considering the logistics. I was still the youth pastor at my current church, and did not want to leave without bringing proper closure for my students there. After a little time had passed, I told Jil I could come at the end of the summer.

A few months later, just before Easter, I was sitting in a Wednesday morning prayer meeting and heard the Lord speak and say, "Easter will be your last Sunday at this church." I didn't fully understand, since I had another youth event planned a couple weeks after Easter, and didn't want to back out on the kids. I figured the Lord knew, and time would tell. When I got to work that morning I had a message from Jil. She said, "You came up in staff meeting here yesterday. Jack [the senior pastor at her church] thinks your heart is great for wanting to stay with the kids through the summer, but he just thinks your move is going to happen faster than that. No pressure, but just thought I'd let you know." I called her back that day and shared with her what the Lord has spoken to my heart. Then, wouldn't you know it, the deadline came and went for the youth event, and for the first time ever, no kids signed up!! I started preparing for my move to Texas.

As I prayed about my departure date, June 15th is what came to mind. About 2 1/2 weeks prior to this date, I got in an accident with a semi-truck that crushed in the right side of my car. I had the car in the shop getting repaired while I took a week long preparatory trip to Texas to "look for a job." In retrospect, I think the real reason I was there was to be present for the launching of the Jr. High ministry, although I hadn't even heard it was going to be that week! When I flew back to L.A., the plan was to pack up and leave the following Thursday, three days after I'd come home. The trouble was, when my step-dad picked up my car and drove it home from the shop, it was making strange noises. He informed me that I would not be able to drive it cross country until I had it looked at and further repaired.

So Tuesday we took the car to the shop again and had it diagnosed. There was a problem with the stick shift. Normally for that car it could have taken up to 2 weeks for the part to be ordered, but "coincidentally" my step-dad had the part in his office! He owned 2 of the same car, and gave me this one for graduation from college. He was always prepared for work that might come up on his own car, and he graciously shard his supplies with me. Once again we were on track for a Thursday departure! I made it to Texas by Saturday, and didn't miss even one Sunday of the Jr. High ministry that I had moved there to serve!

Were all of these things coincidences? I for one would be hard pressed to believe it. I think it takes much less faith to believe that the Lord is living and active, speaking to the hearts, and working through the lives of His people.

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