Sunday, May 2, 2010

1 Destiny Way

When I moved to Texas I didn't have a job. I did, however, have some money in the bank, friends to stay with, and a lot of enthusiasm. I dove head first into youth ministry, and had a pretty full summer planned. At the end of the summer I had a trip scheduled to Austin to visit my cousin, and felt like the Lord said to not worry about looking for a job until I got back from there. This was a little nerve-racking for "she-who-likes-to-feel-responsible," but it was freeing at the same time.

During the summer months I prayed about what I was looking for in a job here, and once again came up with a list. This time I was praying for: 1) The opportunity to learn a new skill; 2) $30k annually; and 3) Full Benefits.

It was July when I first heard about Fidelity and what a great company it was to work for. I put a note in my calendar for the day after I'd be getting back from Austin to look into it. Before I left I met a girl name Nicole, who through small talk I found out actually worked there. As she told me about Fidelity, I realized it sounded like a great match for what I had been praying for. She said she thought they were having a job fair soon, and would look into it and call me back. Nicole called while I was in Austin and told me about the job fair taking place the Thursday after I was getting back. I showed up with 2 resumes in hand, interviewed, and was starting work one month later!

When I was given the offer, I was told the starting salary would be $28k. I was working in a different department than Nicole, and the base range was a little lower. That was ok with me, as I knew this job was from the Lord, but I still really felt the $30k amount was a prayer He has put on my heart to pray. I took it back to Him and just said, "Lord, I thought You had $30k for me. Is there something You can do about that?" I kid you not, the next day I got a call from the HR Department. I was told that all the phone associates were being given raises in the next couple of months and they wanted to start all the new hires at the new rate. So, effective my first day, my salary would be $30k instead of $28k. I'll take it, Lord! Thank You!

I spent my first 6 weeks in training, learning all about 401ks, and later transitioned to Pensions, learning again much more. Fidelity paid me to study for and take the Series 6 & 63 licensing exams, and I can most certainly say these have been new skills added to my repertoire! As we move to Missouri I am looking for positions in the banking industry, but am keeping my knees bent, as I never know what new surprises the Lord has up His sleeve!

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