Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Missouri Miracle

Those who live in Texas may be familiar with the bumper sticker that reads, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!" Well, when it comes to Missouri, my husband's state of origin, the exact oppostie could be said: "He was born in Missouri, but he got out as fast as he could!" Jason did not like Missouri!

That is why it was such a miracle when he approached me on March 27, 2010, as we were preparing to cater a wedding, and said, "I've been kicking around an idea... please tell me if you think I'm crazy." He mentioned that he was considering calling a friend of his in Missouri who owned a restaurant that had offered him a job as an Executive Chef 6-8 months earlier. At the time we had turned it down, because we didn't think the timing was right, and because Jason hated Missouri, and was not planning on going back.

When Jason presented this idea to me, my jaw almost fell off of my face! I had often thought about returning to be closer to Kiera, but wasn't sure spiritually it would be the right move. Jason's upbringing in a church that taught him that promiscuity was ok, among other things, left him with the feeling that there was nothing spiritually healthy in Joplin at all. That was a big factor that kept us away. But after 2 years of travelling once a month to visit Kiera, we started branching out and exploring the spiritual enviroment a bit more. I was actually incredibly pleasantly surprised at what I found!

Several months ago we visited a church out in the country that I really enjoyed, and told Jason that if I had known about this church when he was offered the job, I might have thought about it a little longer. Jason wasn't as fond of the church, but he certainly thought it would do for our monthly visits. Once we seriously started considering the move, we began looking even more diligently, and found a small church closer to the center of Joplin called Calvary Chapel, Joplin. They have a radio station that I started listening to online ( and have really enjoyed. We were then able to visit with them last month while we were in town.

We stopped by Saturday to see if anyone was around, and they were. Apparently a handful of them make lunches every Saturday to take to the Salvation Army. The Senior Pastor was there, and we were able to spend a decent amount of time chatting with him and others, and received a tour of the building. Kiera, meanwhile, was playing with another little girl in the children's church area. When we showed up for church the next day, this little girl ran over, grabbed Kiera, & quickly took her back to the others, introducing her as her new best-friend! The Sunday morning Sermon was on Psalm 25, and addressed decision making & hearing God's voice. We felt strongly that we had heard the Lord's voice, and that this would be our home.

The miracle is, not only are we moving to Missouri, but we are super excited about it! Jason will be doing what he loves, and we will get to be near Kiera and other family!!! So the next item of prayer is the right job for me. This leads my mind back to all the amazing job provision stories I've lived up to this point, and that is likely where I will turn next in my writing.

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